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APRIL 2007: We are proud to announce CHESTERS BATTLE has been awarded the BEST SHORT FILM at the 1st Annual Geneva Film Festival. We had a great time and witnessed some really great work. We are definitely looking forward to next year.

AUGUST 2007: CHESTERS BATTLE has been accepted to the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. The festival runs from August 22nd thru 25th. Chester will screen on the 24th @ 8:00pm.

AUGUST 2008: We have completed our pilot episode of our cable television series, ALL AT ONCE. We will be shooting consecutive episodes through out the year while we look for distribution. Anyone interested in investments or distribution information, please shoot us an e-mail. Also check back for crew and casting announcements.

APRIL 2005: After the 3 weekend tour in April, THE RUBBER ROOM made it's last stop at the Black Point Film Festival where it picked up a BEST COMEDY FEATURE award and 90/94 PICTURES recieved a LIFE-TIME ACHIEVEMENT award. The Black Point Film Festival has been great supporters over the past 5 years and we are very thankful for all thier support. Special thanks to David Malsch, the festival director and the rest of the staff. I can't forget to mention all the love and support and the asses that filled the seats at the Chicago screening at the Chicago Cultrual Center. Thank you sooo much. We raised a lot of funds and with it we have already nearly completed our next reality tv parady, AHEAD OF THE MUSIC: Brother Noompsi. Stay tuned.

MARCH 2006: We are proud to announce our psychological drama, CASE OF ILLNESS has been accepted to the 8th Annual Back Alley Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 2004: We would like to thank everyone who attended our Fund Raiser/Screening, FEED THE STARVING ARTISTS on August, 21st at the Viaduct Theatre. We really, truly and deeply appreciate your support. If you missed the screening, check out our Commercials page for some of the things you missed.

AUGUST 2004: We are also pleased to announce, CASE OF ILLNESS has been accepted to the Westcliffe Digital Film Festival in Westcliffe Colorado. The film will screen Saturday August 28th at 10:00am.

APRIL 2004: 30 PACK & A CAMERA has won the AUDIENCE AWARD at The Chicago Really Short Film Fest. Thanks to everyone who voted and came out.

JANUARY 2004: On January 8th 2004, we held a Fund-Raiser for our new short film, CASE OF ILLNESS. And once again it was a huge SUCCESS! And we have all of you to thank . We were able to raise $400 which not only paid for our production expenses but also took care of our post costs as well. Click Here for Pictures

FEBRUARY 2006: 3TV Proudly brings you 2 Reality Shows the likes of which have never been seen...Until Now! 90/94 Pictures will be premiering the complete two hour reality TV cable-block featuring the award winning THE RUBBER ROOM and the already infamous AHEAD OF THE MUSIC: Brother Noompsi.

Sunday February 26th • 3 Penny Cinema 2424 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL • Showtimes 4:00 & 7:00 • Admission is $6.00

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